My last run was.... (Read 1252 times)

    That sounds like 4 "More Miles Than Degrees" points to me, ImNotScott!! Big grin

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      Did I run outdoors today? I thought about it.  Instead, it was another "whirling dervish" run at the Y

      [Maybe I should just cut to the chase and join a Sufi dancing workshop.  Spin around on one foot and all that.]

      Anyway.  Six miles on the indoor track gave me a chance to become familiar with the buttons on the Timex Ironman I bought.

      Now I know my splits.

      Six miles in 1:04:04.

      Outside? Maybe tomorrow.  This hobby wasn't supposed to have me going in circles.


      Madison Marathon 11/10/2013  5:05:50


        Another 4 treadmiles today -- tempo run. 28:44

        Got two more approvals for the C25K program (school facility and local grocery store chain dietician agreeing to do a nutrition class), and made up some posters/flyers to put up around town. Newspaper notice should come out soon, so things are going along nicely. Just need to have some participants start signing up.


        Run warm or run indoors.

        Today's quote, from an unknown source: "When you aren't training, something bad happens -- NOTHING."


        S Army Kettle run...

          That sounds like 4 "More Miles Than Degrees" points to me, ImNotScott!! Big grin


          No doubt about it....  Toughtest part is getting out the door.  4 points to you!


          Wandering Wally

            6.7 miles today.  Feels like temp was 5.  Day 3 of heart rate training.  It's definitely different to control my effort based on heart rate.

            Run!  Just Run!


            Trail Runner Nation Podcast

              Is this off topic?  I think it addresses core matters. Big grin



              Madison Marathon 11/10/2013  5:05:50



              Live Free & Run

                Last two runs were on a treadmill, 4 and 5 miles, yesterday and today respectively.


                On a separate issue, my 4 little toes on my right foot start to go numb when I run outside after 2 miles or so. I believed this to be because of the cold but was wondering if this has happened to anyone else and how they overcame it?


                5K - 22:53 on 10-26-2013

                10K - 51:27 on 9-22-2012

                HM - 1:55:54 on 11-3-2013


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                Goddess of the Cuisine

                  With my brother. The upside of running with him is that I run faster, which is also the downside.

                    8.5 miles super strong and easy.  22 degrees.


                    LeighDS - I have had intermittent issues with my toes going numb, but it also included the top and/or ball of my foot.  It could be the cold,but . . . .  First question - how old are your shoes?  I  realized my shoes had right around 400 miles, replaced them,and was fine for quite a while.  Then it started again and I made a connection between calf tightness and foot problems - everything's connected.  When my calves are happy,the rest of my leg/foot are happy too.    If it keeps happening, maybe a quick trip to the doctor?


                    jmsab - sounds like you are ready for this class!  I hope it's successful.


                    degregorius - thanks!  LOL

                      Great 10k tempo run - was only planning on 5 miles, but extended my route a bit just to push it. I bested my 10k PR (from last year, only 10k I've run, and didn't train consistently running up to it) by over 10 minutes! It's kinda amazing what running every day for a month will do for you... Big grin

                      2014 goals:

                      1. Run a minimum of 1.5 miles every single day of the year

                      2. Run 1500 miles in 2014

                      3. Get my weekly mileage above 40

                      4. Brown belt in Shaolin Kempo

                      5. First Half (Oregon Wine Country HM?)

                      6. PRs: Sub-21 5k, Sub-45 10k, Sub-45 Spartan Sprint, Sub 1:55 HM (Oregon Wine Country HM)


                        My last run was this morning, when I did the school run, running. I do this everyday. It's a great way to start the day, and squeeze my run in.


                        Wandering Wally

                          Last run was Awesome!  Using a heart rate monitor allowed me to finally put the slow into long slow distance run.  8.7 miles yesterday as that is what I could manage in two hours between keeping my heart rate down and dealing with the snowy conditions.  As my aerobic base improves and conditions improve I should be able to put the distance back into long slow distance run.


                          Happy Monday everyone!  Hope you all have some good runs or rest days today.

                          Run!  Just Run!


                          Trail Runner Nation Podcast

                            Finally!!! Finally back at it after 5 days sidelined with the flu-cold-thingie. I ran 3.73 awesome and super strong miles out on our Berkshire mountain roads. 18 degrees, no wind, dusting of snow on the ground, beautiful. Yay.

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                            1980 Humboldt Redwoods Marathon  PRs:  5K 31 • 10K 1:09 • HM 2:43


                            Upcoming: Fall Foliage HM 10-12-14


                            Wandering Wally

                              Welcome back Melody!

                              Run!  Just Run!


                              Trail Runner Nation Podcast

                                mjsmith1223 Thanks!!

                                *My Art Website  *My Run For The Critters

                                1980 Humboldt Redwoods Marathon  PRs:  5K 31 • 10K 1:09 • HM 2:43


                                Upcoming: Fall Foliage HM 10-12-14