Garmin Driver trouble (Read 704 times)

    So every time I connect my Garmin to the computer it says new hardware and I go through the rigmarole of trying to point it to the driver file and it inevitably tells me there was a problem and it couldn't find the file (YES, the one i pointed it to). But then the training center magically can get my info off of garmin. Anyone else experience this? Or have a solution?
      I just installed my Garmin Drivers but don't see the same problem you have. I do get the "new hardware detected" but am not prompted to re-install the driver. I assume you are using Windows? XP or Vista?? Do you point to the driver on a CD? I'm not much of a computer guy but I would copy the driver locally. If you are using a Mac then I am of no use to you. Jason


        Only thing I can think of is to go into the hardware tab on My Computer and uninstall the device. Then make sure the Garmin is unplugged and install the driver fresh from Garmin. Then plug it back in. Strange that Training Center would work without a functioning driver. Can you get it to work with Sporttracks?
        I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.

          It's fixed!!!! the garmin people are wonderful!

          Go Pre!

            It's fixed!!!! the garmin people are wonderful!
            and the solution was?
              daddyo - I have no clue. The lady remote accessed into my computer and fixed something in the registry and unclicked something else and poof it worked... I didn't ask I simply paid homage! Big grin