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    One of the things that is indicated for osteoporosis/osteopenia is weight bearing exercises such as walking/running.  I had a bone density scan last week, and the results show that I am now out of the osteoporosis range and into the osteopenia range!  I give most of the credit to the amount of walking/running I do.  Mostly walking.  My bone density scan two years ago had me at minus 2.6 which is right on the edge of the osteopenia/osteoporosis line.  Last week I came in a minus 2.1 in the spine and minus 2.2 in the hip. The doc tells me to keep doing what I'm doing.


    I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 2002 and the bone density scan showed levels of minus 3.5.  I was in an osteoporosis study for 5 years, but think I was taking the placebo rather than the study med.  Then was on Fosamax in 2008 through 2012.  I was always fairly active (at least compared to other people I knew) but didn't follow any kind of training plan until 2006 when I decided to train to walk the Portland marathon.  Little did I know at the time, that in the next 7 years I would do 60 plus races ranging from 5K to 50K.


    Tell your mothers/grandmothers to go for a walk!  Every day.

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      You have osteopenia and you run ultras??  And my doctor told me I'd probably never run a marathon... thank you for posting this, it's encouraging to me.

        Well, I'm old and slow, and I mostly walk.  It's the same distance, it just takes longer.  At last count, I'm at 35 half marathons, 19 full marathons, 1 50K and a handful of shorter races.  This includes some Maniac/Fanatic things.  I'm a 4 star maniacs with 2 in 2 days, and a 6 moon fanatic with 4 in 4 days. Also top 3 in AG in more than half of the races I've done.  Small races and low participation by the old folks makes that easier.

        Rose Marathon Maniac #991 Half Fanatic #58 It's a perfect day and I feel great!

          Rose, you rock!  Smile

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            I moved from osteopenia to bottom level osteoporosis despite running 2000 miles a year, but I'm not worried about it.  I took some of the drugs in the past, but I stopped because I think the jury is really out on those drugs- and I am NOT one of those people who refuses to take medication!   My doctor is not particularly concerned, but I definitely have bone density issues.  I take D and calcium.  So much of it is hereditary.

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              Yes.  Definitely hereditary especially on the maternal side of the family, and I physically resemble that side more than the paternal side.  I'm about  a year and a half post prescription meds at this point, but do take calcium and vitamin D every day.

              Rose Marathon Maniac #991 Half Fanatic #58 It's a perfect day and I feel great!

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                Good news, Rose!


                I also took up running again in 2006 when I was diagnosed with ostopenia (-1.4/-1.6). I've shown improvements since then and am mostly out of the ostopenia category (-1.0/-1.0). I've been taking Fosamax and running regularly. Since then I've run 7 marathons, 12 half marathons, 15 triathlons and many smaller distance races. Like Rose, I am often in the top 3 in my AG. I hope to keep running for a long time and to stay healthy. Keep running, ladies; your bones will thank you for it.

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