What a food diary can do (Read 1156 times)

    Within the last 3 weeks I decided it was time to start keeping a log of what I was eating. I put on about 5 pounds in January and just couldn't get rid of it. My jeans were getting a bit snug and I hate that. My running mileage was the same, but the weight would not budge. I love logging things; Quicken and Runningahead, so a log fits right into my love of numbers. I purchased Weightbydate for Windows and my PDA so I can log things in at work and then Hotsync to my computer at night and clearly see how many calories, carbs,sodium etc I have consumed. I am really starting to read labels and am astounded how much sodium is in things I once considered healthy. One day I had over 3300mg of sodium and put on over a pound. The next day I lost it when I restricted my sodium. Also, I don't get a bagel with light cream cheese every day with my coffee at Dunkin Donuts. I have now almost reached my goal and feel much better about my eating. Mindless eating really adds up. I try to keep my daily calories to 1500 or 1600 per day. It can be hard but I have started having big salads and lots of veggies. The best way I have found to lose those stubborn pounds!

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      Thanks for the inspiration! I am about the same height and at about your starting weight- I have also been either pregnant or nursing for quite a few years. I just started logging my foods on thedailyplate.com While I haven't lost any weight yet (I have only been logging for less than a week) I have found I think much more before putting something in my mouth. There is really something to being accountable for what you eat (even if it is only to yourself). I'm hoping to get the same results as you!