Running MCM in honor of my fallen friend... (Read 813 times)

    Run strong, enjoy it, and take it all in for both of you.

    Needs more cowbell!

      Godspeed, Mark.  I hope you have a beautiful race and miles of uplifting reflection on the life of your friend.  He'd be so proud of what you're doing in his honor.

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        Mark, great job on your first marathon! Very impressive.

        sincerely silly

          Way to make your friend proud. :-) I hope it was a good experience.

          shin splints are my nemesis

            Very well done Mark. You're a good friend. You should be very proud of yourself.




              Great job Mark! 

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              #1: Do what I can do. <DOING>

              #2: sub 5:40 @ 1/2 Ironman (Benton Harbor, MI)


                Thanks all! 

                I just finished my race report