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    Hey everyone.  Not a new runner, but new to the site.  I live in Central Texas with my wife and two daughters.  I've always been fairly active and have done quite a few running and multi-sport events.  I had Achilles surgery about a year and a half ago and am still rebounding from that.  It's been a very long and slow recovery.  I'm just now hitting 20 mile weeks again trying to build a solid base.  I've never been fast and don't really care to be.  I just love to run and stay active.  I do have aspirations of one day entering the world of Ultras, but we will see what the ankle says about that as I continue to heal.  Looking forward to jumping in here.




      Welcome to RA, Randy. Check out the user groups. There might be some that fit your interests.

      Good luck with your comeback.

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        Welcome aboard.

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          Welcome - from WI here - A recovering ultra-runner here.  Now just a once in awhile hobby jogger

          I am fuller bodied than Dopplebock

            The Beginners and Beyond group might be a good place for you to start.  Lots of folks there are beginning again and very supportive.


            If your looking less for supportive and more for smart aleck, you might like Letters & Opinions.


            Or both.  Welcome!

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              Welcome, like they said check out the different user groups there is an ultra runners group which is not the most active,the trailer trash group has a lot of ultra runners and some great people,  and the beginner and beyond,  best thing is to just look around.

                Welcome aboard Randy. If you are close to the Georgetown area, check out the Georgetown Running Club, they put out some nice local races and events.

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                  Thanks everyone!