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    Has anyone used the new RW magazine flow chart shoe finder?   It is not online as far as I can tell, just in the magazine.  It does seem to steer  me to the mid range shoe which is what I use with no problems.  Curious that pronation is not a factor.  Thoughts?

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      I wondered ther same thing.  I'm an overpronator and need shoes with some decent stability (Brooks Adrenaline and Mizuno Alchemys etc) and the flow chart doesn't really address that.  I also like information about cushioning since I prefer a firmer feel.


      Personally, I liked their old format better.

        another reason why the RW stuff is just filler in the magazine.

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          And  last fall, it recommended the Saucony Ride 5, but in the Summer Guide, it does not recommend the Ride 6 even though it is essentially unchanged.

          Next Race:  IMT Des Moines HM, 10/19


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            I'm a RW subscriber, I do recognize most of the articles are rehashing old info, but sometimes I need to be reminded and besides, I like the columns and features.


            ...but I look at that flow chart in much the same way I look at my horoscope.

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