Alternative to phone armbands (Read 259 times)


    I cut the sleeves off an old fleece jacket that has pockets.  .  Stuff doesn't bounce around. Works fine in cold weather

    Madison Marathon 11/10/2013    5:05:50
    Biggest Loser Half Marathon 2:17:49
    Next races: Chicago Marathon 10/12/14
                        Madison Marathon 11/9/14
                        Madison-MiniMarathon Aug. 2015


    Couch to HM in 32 weeks

      I have a belt like thing called a flip belt by level up. Love it!!


      I second this.  FlipBelt by Level up very handy, zero bounce, good capacity

      March 2014 - this overweight grandmother got off the Couch after 25 years and began Just-Walking ...

      Goal Race - HM Fall 2014              32 weeks done....0 weeks to go  (now I need a new goal)

      PR paces

      5K 11:10          10K 11:48            HM 12:40


        The Shield looks like the Bro Smile


        I prefer the manzier!

        just a simple cat

          I want to see stadjak in his nylon stockings, I bet he has nice legs.   


          Running is stupid