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    if you just wanna fight or argue here's the place to do that

      this page is dedicated to [meat waggon]

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            just a simple cat

              That's not arguing, that's just contradiction!


              Running is stupid

                No it isn't

                  That's not arguing, that's just contradiction!


                  Big grin

                  Current Weight: 160 lb

                  Goal Weight: 130 lb


                  Nov9 -- Peachtree City 50K/25K!   http://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=27700

                  Needs more cowbell!

                    I shoot pretty things! ~

                    '14 Goals:

                    • 6 duathlons (1 Olympic distance)

                    • 130#s (and stay there, gotdammit!)


                    DON'T TREAD ON ME

                      I hate when people are wrong on the internet. I try to correct them even if i have to stay up all night to do it.