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    So I'm running the Boston Marathon this coming April and was looking for advice as to where to stay, would preffer to stay close to the finish line, any suggestions??

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        Thank you !!


        Excellent suggestions !!


          I don't know how long you plan on being in Boston, but I will be there for 5 days and to save on meals at restaurants, I chose to rent a condo near Copley Square. $300 a night, fully equipped kitchen, laundry, etc... Sleeps 3 (one bedroom and one pull-out couch in living room), but I'm only traveling with my SIL, so we split in half. Well worth it for me. I found the place on VRBO.

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            Another great idea, thank you happylilly, I'm planning on  staying in Boston from Sat. April12- Tue. April 16 and than take a drive to Portsmouth N.H. for the rest of the week.