Saucony Virrata (Read 329 times)


    Just hope your size is not 10.5


    12.5, which is why I ended up with four pairs of the same color, it's all the had left in my size. lol



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      Has anyone else had issues when running on somewhat steep downhills in Virratas?  That's the only time when the shoe feels uncomfortable.  It's as if there is a lot of pressure on my toes and especially toenails.

        Late to the party as usual. Great shoe. Need to buy up a couple more pairs, before they go and change them.

          They can be had for $42.40 on RW right now with the fb15d code.


          I don't need another pair ... must resist ... but they're so pretty ...

          Runners run.

            Picked up 2 more pair yesterday

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