Motoactv (Read 782 times)

    Anyone tried this out yet? Looks like a gps/hrm/mp3 player all in one

    2014 Goals

    Weight - 200 lbs (not happening!)

    2000 miles (Over 2000 and shooting for 2400)

    Stay healthy for Boston 2015 (So far, so good)

    Marathon - 3:05 (Didn't happen - Took and shot at sub 3 and blew up a bit)

    5k - 19:55 (19:43 July 4, 2014)



      I was just about to ask if there is a way to import Motoactv CSV files yet. I'm considering buying one of these because they seem pretty cool. You can't export GPX files though, but you can export CSV. I know Eric is great with setting new import options up. I would only get one of these if I can import my workouts into RA.


        I stopped using RA because I got a motoactv. I would love to come back but no quick way to import multiple runs is a deal breaker.