added Fartlek as a run type (Read 1359 times)

    Hi everyone, I just uploaded the latest changes, which consist of bug fixes and minor enhancements. I added Fartlek as a running type. If you already created fartlek as a custom type, I migrated these runs, and freed up the slot for you. As always, double check your entries to make sure everything is OK. The run/workout types are now listed alphabetically in the edit workout page, and in the search form. eric Smile

      hi Eric,


      I do not see Fartlek as a run type in my workout options, but when I am trying to add it as a custom type, it tells me:


      "This workout type already exists and cannot be added".


      Can you please let me know if I'm doing something wrong?


      Thanks for excellent job as usual!

      Prince of Fatness

        This happened to me a ways back.  This thread may help...




          It's working for me Smile

          Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject.

            thanks MrFinn, that sounds like it.  Although I do not remember renaming any built-in workout types.  Definitely too much functionality.



              Further: An easy though sneaky hack is to create a new custom workout as FartIek with a capital I (i) instead of lowercase l (L).