Stress fracture recovery: lifting weights? (Read 204 times)

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    I appear to have a stress fracture in my left tibia Sad I just had the MRI done this morning, haven't been back to the ortho for a follow-up appointment yet, but I am impatient and looked at the pics myself. To my sort-of-trained scientist eye it looks pretty obvious. Black vertical line mid-tibia in the T1-weighted images.


    Clearly running is out of the question, I'm planning to do deep water running/swimming for cardio while I recover, but will I be barred from compound lifts that involve the legs until I'm healed (namely squats and deadlifts), or are those generally considered OK? Should I avoid them until my follow-up on Wednesday just to be safe?

    I like to run, and when I don't have a hernia I pick things up and put them down.


      I'm no doctor, but I have lifted weights before.  I don't think squats and deadlifts would be good with a fractured tibia. 


      I'd listen to the professionals in this regard and do what they say.  Surely a PT could offer better advice than idiots on the interwebs.

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        As a long time lifter  i agree with Buelligan

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        Catleesi; mother of cats

          Le sigh. That's what I figured. Maybe I'll take up a non-active hobby while I heal.

          I like to run, and when I don't have a hernia I pick things up and put them down.

            Absolutely not! That will wt bear the tibia. Wait for doc's meeting. Good luck!

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