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Futre, the Great

    Hello all.


    I am changing from Strads to RunningAhead and want to upload my old stuff.

    With workouts it seems to be working fine but with courses I am having problems with gpx, tcx and kml files. An error message is returned prompting that the file is not in a correct format but they are directly exported from Strands.


    How should I proceed?


    Thank you very much in advance and congratulations for this tool. I hope you include social media sharing (twitter, etc) soon! :-)


    Kind regards.







    an amazing likeness

      I have this thought that RA expects the tcx files to be in a ZIP archive?


      Just throwing this out as something to look into...it isn't based on direct knowledge. Probably wrong.

      Choosing my words carefully has never been my strength I've been known to be vague and often pointless


        I sent you a private message with instructions.


        RA can accept both zip and unzipped files.  You should try to zip them up because it'll save me some bandwidth and more importantly, it will upload faster so there's less waiting.  Most of these files are very compressible so you can save a lot of waiting time.