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    I have never been to or even watched a marathon before, so maybe I am easily impressed. Yesterday on my run I ran across a marathon race (they were running along/sharing an open public trail), and I saw a very young girl running in it with a bib number. She looked like an 8 years old to me because she's so short and tiny. I was so impressed that I decided to look up the race result today. She's in the 10-14 age bracket and she finished in 4:01. Maybe this is not unusual in the world of running (I claim ignorance) but I'm just in awe...

      No.  That is definitely pretty cool.  Good for her!!!

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        I'm surprised. Many marathons have a minimal age of 18 for entry.  

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          (cough cough) I ran a 4:03 a few weeks ago)  WOW, that is incredible !


          I was sick tho - LOL

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            I remember seeing Aurora Scott at the Richmond Marathon 1999.


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            Aurora Scott





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              Just checked our most recent local marathon.  The youngest was a 14 year old male, who did it in 3:48.

              Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject.

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                I'm surprised. Many marathons have a minimal age of 18 for entry.  

                 I've seen 16 and 13 as minimum ages, I've also seen under 16 needing medical release form. 


                There was a 9 year old in my half last year who finished right around 1:50.  He was on pace for <1:45 but struggled the last 1.5

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