GAME OF THRONES...tonight! Yay! (Read 118 times)


    Did anyone else see the April Fools prank HBO did that said they were replacing Peter Dinklage with Warwick Davis? I had a blaze of fury for about 3 seconds, lol. Tyrion is one of my favourite characters in the series.


    Loved last nights episode. I wish I had the strength to DVR them all, it's so hard waiting a week for the next episode!


    OmG...I so had to look that prank up:  http://hbowatch.com/peter-dinklage-april-season-four/

    I'm glad I didn't see that on April 1.  I would have been so upset also.  Whew!


    I can't DVR them for later either.  I'm like you, just gotta watch em as soon as I can.


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