Workout comment indicator, but no workout comment found (Read 323 times)

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    One time when I accessed RA today the workout comment indicator was "illuminated". So I clicked it. I then get the information message "No one has commented in your workouts yet.". Then went to the Log -> Workouts and found a comment had been posted. (This is the workout entry with the comment)


    Bottom line, there is a comment, but when I click the Workout Comments icon, it reports: "No one has commented in your workouts yet.".  I'm speculating this may be a result of the comment being on a workout type = other rather than one of the more common activitites.


    Just an fyi.



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      Thanks Andy for the heads up.  I saw that too and thought it was the crud left over in my account as I go into other users' accounts for troubleshooting.  I'll look into this.