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    1 ultra + 3 marathons in 14 days. With the back to back I managed to get  30 minutes of sleep. 1st goal Saturday was to finish. 2nd goal not to be last.Goals meet. 1st time I did not fall on a trail race. Smile


    You're a machine.  Good job Mr. Clay.


      @tlday13 - keep up the great work! Your progress is impressive.


      Aw shucks!  Thank you!  I had a blast at the race.  Did reasonably well, I think.. with a chip time of 35:48


      There I am with the two biggest reasons I finally got my act together and started working on my health.. my son and daughter. Smile

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          Great picture tlday13; you are looking more and more fit!   Strong finish in your first 5k!

          Keep building the base.

          2012 goals: Under 30 minutes 5K, over 20 miles/week

            You're looking great, Tiday!  Looks like you're feeling great, too - keep it up for the sake of those darling children, and yourself!

            Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject.

              Before and Now


              I still have about 8 lbs to lose. The picture on the left is about 10lbs under my heaviest. I lost the weight from mostly running and only started calorie restriction a month ago.


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                And I was still drinking big beers!


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                  I have to bump this.  This has to be the best thread ever on RA and we haven't had it up for a long time.  Thought it might inspire some people, and maybe we will get some new pics.

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                    She just completed 46 miles in a 12 hour timed race.






                      She just completed 46 miles in a 12 hour timed race.



                      Wow!!!  Just awesome.

                        Great job!

                        Go Pre!

                          I agree, this thread delivers. Always. Way to go everyone!


                            I used to be totally out of shape.  Then I got into triathlon.  RA has been there for me since the very start of my transformation.



                            Current goal: an Olympic distance triathlon. Did two of them! New goal: a half-ironman?? Did that too. New goal: I'll have to get back to you.
                              Nice work!