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    1 ultra + 3 marathons in 14 days. With the back to back I managed to get  30 minutes of sleep. 1st goal Saturday was to finish. 2nd goal not to be last.Goals meet. 1st time I did not fall on a trail race. Smile


    You're a machine.  Good job Mr. Clay.


      @tlday13 - keep up the great work! Your progress is impressive.


      Aw shucks!  Thank you!  I had a blast at the race.  Did reasonably well, I think.. with a chip time of 35:48


      There I am with the two biggest reasons I finally got my act together and started working on my health.. my son and daughter. Smile

      Consistently Slow


        Run until the trail runs out.

        2200 miles ---2015

        50miler 13:26:18

        Race Less Train More

         Pistol 100 ----01/03/15 27:46:58

         The pain that hurts the worse is the imagined pain. One of the most difficult arts of racing is learning to ignore the imagined pain and just live with the present pain (which is always bearable.) - Jeff

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          Great picture tlday13; you are looking more and more fit!   Strong finish in your first 5k!

          Keep building the base.

          2012 goals: Under 30 minutes 5K, over 20 miles/week

            You're looking great, Tiday!  Looks like you're feeling great, too - keep it up for the sake of those darling children, and yourself!

            Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject.

              Before and Now


              I still have about 8 lbs to lose. The picture on the left is about 10lbs under my heaviest. I lost the weight from mostly running and only started calorie restriction a month ago.


              The Monkey Games

                And I was still drinking big beers!


                  I have to bump this.  This has to be the best thread ever on RA and we haven't had it up for a long time.  Thought it might inspire some people, and maybe we will get some new pics.

                  I want to do it because I want to do it.  -Amelia Earhart


                  The Monkey Games






                    She just completed 46 miles in a 12 hour timed race.






                      She just completed 46 miles in a 12 hour timed race.



                      Wow!!!  Just awesome.

                      2015 Goals

                      Run 1,800 miles

                      Do 10 minutes of core work every day

                      10 mile goal: 1:12:00 (Black Cat 10 miler - March)

                        Great job!

                        Go Pre!

                          I agree, this thread delivers. Always. Way to go everyone!


                            I used to be totally out of shape.  Then I got into triathlon.  RA has been there for me since the very start of my transformation.



                            Current goal: an Olympic distance triathlon. Did two of them! New goal: a half-ironman?? Did that too. New goal: I'll have to get back to you.
                              Nice work!