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    I've been running here in Taiwan for about two years now, and this year I'll be going back to Michigan for the holidays.  As my father and at least one of my sisters are runners, I'm sure we'll be going out for a few runs.  My question is this: Here in Taiwan, the most I need to wear is a long sleeved shirt.  I tried a light jacket, but sweat through it in about 10 minutes.  Even assuming it's a warm Christmas, that's still about twenty degrees colder than anything I deal with.  I'll only be back for about two weeks, so what's the cheapest way to get ready for the difference? I don't own running pants, only shorts.  I don't need to do much of any stretching because the temps are usually warm enough to make it useless.  Any advice from the northern climes will be greatly appreciated.


      I live in CT so I get all the seasons. I wear shorts all year round. The only thing that changes is the top and the hat. during really cold runs, I will wear a good beanie and a cold weather under armour long sleeve and a hoodie. And on a rare occasion, gloves. The biggest thing is just getting your body warmed up and lose before a cold run. I will get warmed up by walking/jumping around like an asshole for about 5 minutes. Get my body and mind right. And then I am off like any other run. Not too much varies for me.

        thanks for that.  I only wonder cause I see pics of my sister wearing all sorts of winter gear.  Maybe a trip for a cheap hoodie will be worth it, depending on the actual temps when I get there.  thanks again

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          Which part of Michigan?  That could make a big difference.  Target and TJ Maxx have less expensive gear that would probably be fine for the couple of weeks you are here.  This week it's been in the high teens - low 20's when I run, so I broke out the tights to wear under my shorts.  I also wear a 1/2-zip pullover and a long sleeve shirt.  A fleece hat and some wool glove liners complete the ensemble.  The glove liners I got at a military surplus store for $4 and fleece hats are available at Meijer, Wal-Mart, Target, etc.

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            Borrow your sister's clothes. 

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              I was born in Flint and raised in Cheboygan.  Since I moved to Taiwan, my family has moved to the northern suburbs of Detroit, Rochester and Troy I think.  Wish I was going back to Cheboygan, but not for the running.  And thanks Jehu for the idea of my sister's clothes, but she wouldn't let me even if I wanted.  I smell quite a bit worse, and would bend it in places I guess she wouldn't like.


              I'm thinking of T.J. Maxx or something, but the airfare to bring my wife, daughter and I back is killing me.  I'm guessing any extra money will go to gifts for my six nieces and nephews.  I'll probably just tough it out with what I've got.

                thanks for that.  I only wonder cause I see pics of my sister wearing all sorts of winter gear.  Maybe a trip for a cheap hoodie will be worth it, depending on the actual temps when I get there.  thanks again

                 It may depend on where they live in MI as to how cold it gets. Just taking a quick look at temps near Ann Arbor and a more northern area, temps right now look like they're near freezing, give or take 10F, but looks like some rain, hail, etc in the near future. For a short trip, you could probably get by with sweats, if you have any. Or maybe grab something after you're there - if they live near stores - and you'll have a better idea whether it's 40F and sunny or 0F and snowing. Maybe even borrow something or get something from Salvation Army or wherever.

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                  I live in Fl and visit MA every Jan for a week or 2.  I get by just fine by layering.  I do have a pair of running pants though.  I am not brave enough to go out in shorts.  I got them pretty cheap on sale one year.  I don't wear a jacket or anything.  Just layer a couple of long shirts and I am fine.  I warm up pretty fast. 

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                    Put on a hat and something on your hands and you will probably be fine.  Just run faster to warm up quicker :-)

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                      Borrow your sister's clothes. 

                       Or your Dad's? 

                        I recently went on a business trip and realized that I had left the stack of running clothes I planned to pack at home.  I went to WalMart (where I never shop), and got enough stuff for a couple of cold weather runs for $30.  Target is also good. Both are much cheaper than the crazy prices running stores will charge for tech gear.


                          Have them go to Goodwill and get some ugly used stuff to throw away after you are done.


                          An old pair of windpants and a Detroit Lions sweatshirt or long sleave shirt or better yet a light flannel long sleave shirt.


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                          Oh roo roooo!

                            Yes, seconding those who said to hit the Goodwill or similar store.  You'll definitely find cheap stuff that will do the trick for the length of time you need it.  Plus, sometimes you find new or almost new running clothes for a song, so you might find a great bargain that you'll want to keep permanently!

                              Thanks for all the shopping advice.  I haven't been home for Christmas in about a decade, so I hope they're open on Christmas eve.   I arrive on the 23rd, but that day is gonna be a wash (18 hours of travel time with my darling 5 year old).  I've always felt a little guilty going to goodwill or salvation army, as I'm not really needy, but I guess I'll check out walmart or target.  Or just tough it out with what I've got.  I appreciate all the ideas, thanks again.


                                At least Meijer's and Walmart will be open.  I agree with what others have said layers and if you need a bit more (say a pair of sweat pants) buy cheap.  Dad should have Gloves and Hat type stuff if necessary. 

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