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    So your cadence (the amount of steps you take) is supposed to  be 180 steps per minute, or 3 steps per second. My cadence isn't even close to that. my cadence is more like 130-140ish, depending on the pace of the run.


    I've tried taking three steps per second but I either go much faster than I want to, but when I slow down I feel like I'm doing more hopping up and down than moving forward. I'm 6'0" and run at a fair pace, so should I be worried about my cadence? Will increasing it help my training? What do you guys think?



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        Everyone is different.  I find that around 155 to 165 is about right for my long trail runs.  But pushing to 180 for a bit can be good training for me.  The 180 number is what the fastest runners will run at.   I'm definitely not in that category.


        Every once in a while I'll run with music like this at a certain BPM and it's really cool.  Running becomes like dancing and it really helps distract from the effort and gets you in a zone.  This guy has a bunch at different rates.




          I did some experimenting a couple of weeks ago.  I downloaded a metronome app and used it to measure my cadence.  I started at 175 and couldn't keep that up for very long.  After about 3/4 mile I decided to run at a natural cadence and adjust the metronome to match as closely as possible.  I ended up at about 162.  I was nursing some injuries and thought it might be due to excessive heel striking, so my focus was mostly on how my foot was landing.  Some of what I was reading indicated that one method to encourage a midfoot strike was to keep a faster cadence.  Their recommendation was that although elite athletes maintain about 180, amateurs should fall in the 160-180 range.  What I discovered was: I can't keep a 180 cadence at my current level of fitness; I have a mostly midfoot strike; I most likely have core strength issues that have more to do with injury/soreness more than foot strike.


          My $0.02:  Dont worry about it.  Run more miles at a slower pace than you think feels right and you'll soon run more miles at a pace faster than you thought possible.  I have the hardest time with that.  I always feel like I must run faster than I did last time.  I catch myself trying to run training runs at or near race pace.