Bad News re my Plantar Fasciitis (Read 105 times)


    I had a PRP injection on April 4th, with an estimate that I'd be able to begin light jogging within 2 months.


    The pf hasn't healed and I'm due to have a second set on injections next week. It'll be at least another 2 months before I can run.


    A PRP is Platelet Rich Plasma injection. The doctor takes some blood, then splits out the plasma, which is then injected directly in to the inflamed part of the heel. This inflames the injury even more, which triggers the body's natural defenses.


    The injections are a tad painful. My doctor told me I'm the only person she's known not to scream during the injections, for which I give myself a gold star.

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      That sucks, sorry to hear it. Those PRP injections sound about as fun as a poke in the eye!


      I once stopped running for several years mainly due to PF. I just got tired of my feet hurting all the time. These days I don't usually have it, but it still comes around once in a while, due to me racing in flats or running too many training miles in shoes with no arch supports.


      At the moment I've been fighting PF in my right heel for the past 3+ weeks, since running a 12K race in unpadded racing  flats. The PF was sort of hanging around in the background for the past few weeks, but not very painful and not slowing me down much if at all. But then last Friday afternoon it suddenly flared up and was bad enough that I had to skip a planned 10k hill-climb fun run race on Saturday.  So I spent the day looking at YouTube video's on plantar faciitis and doing every stretch and exercise that was recommended by anyone. On Sunday I was able to tape my foot up and run 7x1 mile slowly on it, and that didn't seem to make it any worse. I continued doing all the PF stretches on Sunday all day and evening, and on Monday the pain was a bit less once again. I tried running a short ways without the tape on my foot and it was still too painful, so I taped it up and ran a couple of more miles. My legs were "stale" and not interested in running and I honestly think it was from all the stretching. Stretched muscles are not strong and springy muscles. But the PF continues to get better. I taped up the foot this morning and ran 2 miles on a hill, and it was not bad. My legs are still slow today, but once I dial it back on the stretching they will recover, and hopefully my PF pain will be gone. I'm avoiding running in those racing flats again for a while, and won't race as far in them when and if I do wear them again.


        PRP sounds horrible, hopefully it works. I know inflammation can delay healing by constricting blood flow. I used a cold compression wrap to get rid of the pain and then a blood flow stimulator to encourage healing and my foot was feeling better in a couple of day, I could start running again after a 2-3 weeks. I still use the stimulator before running and the cold wrap after which has been keeping the pf at bay (knock on wood). I put the link in below for the site I got my wraps from, they get 5 star recommendation from me, I probably wouldn't be running without them.




          Thanks, I'll take a look,


          I think my pf may have started after I ran two back to back 5Ks in racing flats last Spring.

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            Sorry. PFis horrible. It just has a way of staying and staying and staying.

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