1st Marathon and your Marathon PR? (Read 357 times)

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    Thanks for the breakdown dbilenkin. This is great stuff!


    Here's my contribution to the data.


    first '03: 3:35:11 (age 36)

    PR '09: 2:59:24 (age 42)

    average of 11 marathons run: 3:13:06 (according to Athlinks)



      First: 3:48

      PR: 3:13



      I'm happy, hope you're happy too...


        4:29:10 (Age 36)

        4:04:59 (Age 37) (2nd Marathon)


        Have run 5 more since then and haven't come close to that (4:11:30 on the day I was shooting for a sub-4:00:00...oops).


        Need to actually TRAIN...I'll give that a try.

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