1 More Mile - 2012 Edition (Read 1450 times)

    Wow--awesome accomplishment! Now rest. Smile

    Blaine Moore (MM#2867)

      This graph:

      Yeah. Much better than the one on page 1.

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      A Saucy Wench

        Congrats Blaine!

        I have become Death, the destroyer of electronic gadgets


        "When I got too tired to run anymore I just pretended I wasnt tired and kept running anyway" - dd, age 7

          sweet!  thanks for sharing the journey with all of us.  Great job.

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          #1: Do what I can do. <DOING>

          #2: 365 Hours training <NOPE, INJURED>



          Ra Due Runner

            Just an awesome job.  You did something only a few of us could wish we could do.....or maybe not.  Nice job.  Rest relax and run some soon.


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