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    Which would you recommend to someone who is looking for a fitness tracker (a non-runner)?  I've been asked and since I don't have a FitBit or a similar device (just my Garmin for running) so I figured I'd crowd source here.



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      My wife had a FitBit.  She liked the functionality better than the Nike Fuel-thingy she has now (more detail, sleep details).  However FitBit uses cheap metal in the clasp and it caused a rash so she traded it away.  If you have a reaction to costume jewelry or cheap earrings I'd not even try it.  The Nike one uses a points system, which is meaningless, and doesn't give you the details on sleep that can be quite useful.  Basically what you get is the daily points.


      I won a Jawbone UP in a contest and work.  The design is poor...there is a small cover you have to remove to charge/download it that is easily lost.  You also need a special adapter to charge the thing.  The data itself was very useful.  However it quit working in about 5 days and I pitched it.  I know 2 people at work who had them and similarly they did not last.  The biggest fitness benefit I got from mine was I ran 30+ miles in a day to win it.  

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        LOVED the Fitbit but I wanted more data when it came to my sleeping so I ended up getting a Basis. LOVE my basis but it  does better tracking my sleep patterns than anything else. Now if only the Fitbit and Basis could have a baby

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          I have a FitBit One which I clip to my bra (or wear on my wrist at night).  The rash issue is with the FitBit Flex which is worn on your wrist.


          I love my FitBit One.  Lots of info about my sleep and activity...it syncs with my MFP account too.


          Syncs through bluetooth to my phone (it doesn't sync to all smartphones, you need a newer version of bluetooth for this to work on your phone) and you need a special USB dongle to charge it (which I just leave plugged into my work computer and charge once every 7-10 days).


          My only complaint is that I wish it would shock me when I sit on my arse too long at work!

            Actually, the flex doesn't have a display or exposed metal.  It was the force that had the problem with skin.  The original Ultra is no longer offered and I don't think they are currently selling the force.  The ones available are the One, Zip (non-chargeable - replace battery as needed) and the Flex (no display, just status lights).  The first two clip on and the flex is worn on the wrist.  You can program in alarms to simulate the "shock" - although it would just be a vibration.  I know I've done alarms when I've misplaced mine to help locate it.


            For reference, I currently have my 2nd fitbit one (had 4 previous ultras, 3 replaced under warranty)  - fitbit replaced my one last year when I lost it.  Currently on 14M+ steps, 35K+ floors and 7.3K miles.  Biggest complaint is that lifetime badges stop at 5K miles and 28K floors.



            Feeling the growl again

              Actually, the flex doesn't have a display or exposed metal.  




              See those two silver-colored pieces that snap the two sides of the band together are some sort of cheap metal allow that caused the skin irritation.  She contacted the company, they confirmed that she is not the only one having this problem, and that there is no alternative, all-plastic replacement.


              MTA:  LINK -- my wife's experience is a pretty common issue.

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              Feeling the growl again


                Rash right where the clasp sits.  We covered it with fingernail polish and it provided temporary relief.

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                  I bought my mom and pop (both in their 70's)  the little fit bits that sit on the waist of your pants....they absolutely adore them and i swear my mom won't get outta bed without putting her's on.  They're easy for them to read, downloads to the iPad, and is surprisingly accurate (on 3 mile walks with them- me with my Garmin 310 xt, them both sporting their fit bits, we are within .1 mile of one another)...best of all, they're pretty cheap-- i think i paid $59 each.  Sure, they don't have the sleep stuff, but from what i've read that's not all that accurate anyway.


                  As a straight up, solid pedometer, these things rock and have become my go-to gift for family members (my sister is now sporting one, and i'm aiming to arm my bro- in law this xmas.)

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                    The Garmin Vivofit is the best out there, in my opinion.  I really resesrched it.  Read DCRainmaker's write up about it.  There are a couple of negatives, but the positives outweigh.  It has a display, unlike many of the others.  It has a one year battery life.  Synchs wirelessly with your phone.  Negatives are no backlight or vibration (hence the long battery life) and the need to add a keeper loop to ensure the clasp doesn't spring open,

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                      I had been using a Fitbit One and it was great until I lost it. I am pretty sure that is in my house somewhere but it is tiny. I just started using a Garmin Forerunner 15, which basically combines the Vivofit and the FR10. It counts steps, has GPS and can pair with HRMs.




                        Rash right where the clasp sits.  We covered it with fingernail polish and it provided temporary relief.


                        Is it possible that is an aftermarket clasp?


                        I know that fitbit had issues with the Force but haven't seen those kinds of issues with the Flex.

                        I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.


                        Feeling the growl again


                          Is it possible that is an aftermarket clasp?



                          Nope.  And as I indicated, the company acknowledged that this is an issue they are aware of.  Their only solution was to offer one of the clip-on products as a replacement, which she was not interested in.

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                            Could be that the Fitbit clasp has nickel in it. Some people can have reactions and get rashes from nickel and sweating usually makes it worse.

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                              I have the Jawbone Up 24.  Wirelessly syncs to my iPhone.  I like it.  My wife has the FitBit.  On weekends we're both walking around a lot with our twins and the two bands are very close in reporting (last Saturday we both logged around 11 miles walking, and our steps were close the the same on either device).  Mine seems to be better with the sleep recording.  I like seeing the hard data that I do indeed wake up every night at 2am to pee.


                              My jawbone died recently (had it a few months) and I emailed support, they called me later that same night and shipped a replacement to me (took 2 days) for free, no questions asked.

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                                My entire family and extended family plus assorted friends all use Jawbone UP.  It's easy to use, hard to lose, and provides useful data on movement and sleep patterns.  It syncs with the Runkeeper app for (duh) running and with Strava for cycling, automatically uploads data to the UP app.


                                Best part is the friendly competition that it brings to our group.  We encourage each other to hit daily goals.  I know my daughter doesn't circle the parking lot looking for the closest spot, she now walks rather wait on something closer.


                                Mine did die after about 3 months, happened when I was building a fence and doing a lot of hammering.  In retrospect I should have;


                                A.  Put it on my left "non-hammering" wrist or

                                B.  Sprung for a nail gun.


                                Customer service was great, I had a new one within a few days, just like Mr Mendeldave.


                                However, we'll all be wearing an iWatch this time next year.  I hear it's going to have some incredible features, way beyond the current products out there.