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    Hey guys,


    So, because of some logistical issues I've been having to move my runs to the mornings and I need some nutrition advice / opinions.


    I'm definitely not a morning person.  (I think I wake up somewhere around mile 3).  But I've noticed that the lack of breakfast has been causing my runs to suffer a little.  Waking up earlier to eat an actual breakfast isn't really an option.  I do have about a 20-30 minute drive to the place where I run (near work) so I can definitely take something when I get in the car and have it settle while I drive.


    I've been experimenting with ucan superstarch.  I really like it for many reasons. but to be honest I really can't stand the taste (even the flavored ones).


    So I'm looking for an alternative source of fuel thats:


    1.  Cheap-ish (something I can take before every run)

    2.  Portable (something I can eat in the car)

    3.  Something that will last for a 1-1.5 hour run.


    I'm thinking maybe trying out green bananas, but I would love to hear what works for everyone else.

      I like to eat a Cliff bar or banana.

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        My usual breakfast is a cup of coffee and a Balance Bar (or half a bar if I'm not feeling hungry and going for a run less than an hour).

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          1/2 Cliff bar or banana

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            Why do you need to fuel before your run?


            Cup of coffee has worked for me for any type of run up to about 13 miles.

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              I run in the morning and never eat before I run.

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                Nothing for me on my daily runs of around the same time, usually a little over an hour.  Then I eat when I get back.  I think it's more a matter of you getting used to running early in the morning than a fueling issue.



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                  With that criteria, I would go for fig newtons and gatorade.

                  Run the mile you are in.

                    I'm with the non-fuelers, AM runs typically 1-1.5 hr on nothing but maybe a glass of water before I go out. Sometimes longer - last Sunday I did an 18 mile LR (~2:45) first thing in the AM on no fuel. Did not notice any difference from the LR's I do later in the morning, ~2 hr after a regular breakfast.

                    I am no expert but it seems your body should have plenty of fuel from the night before, assuming you ate well then. And I seem to pretty much eat non-stop until bedtime.

                    Not sure how long you have been doing it, but your body may just need to get used to it. I do find my "comfortable" pace is a bit slower in the AM, at least at the start of the run, but that can be a good thing.


                      I usually have a slice of toast with almond butter, a little honey and half a banana sliced on top.


                        I just have a glass of OJ.

                          a.m. runner fueled on ~8oz water and a cup of coffee....  anything longer than 6 or 7miles I take a bottle of 1 part G2 and 1 part water.  works for me.  Sleepy

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                            look up generation ucan



                            A lot of the suggestions people are giving you will spike you heart rate, and you will crash and burn.


                            other ideas...


                            Oatmeal with berries quick oats (cheep) http://www.quakeroats.com/products/hot-cereals/quick-oats.aspx

                            Hammer gel ( Portable)


                            Hammer bars ( Portable)



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                              For runs of 10+ miles, I will get up and eat a toasted bagel with peanut butter about 45-60 minutes before the run. Yes, 3:45am alarms suck. I also slurp down a Clif Energy Gel (vanilla) with plenty of water, and take one with me on longer runs. I find it helpful to have another after about 90 minutes.

                              For shorter morning runs, I just make sure I use the bathroom and get a swig of water before going out.

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                                You don't need anything for a 1-1.5 hour run.


                                Well, I always need coffee when I get out of bed, but that's got nothing to do with fuelling a run.