Don't Be That Awkward Runner (Read 1037 times)



    Ran across this in FB.  Maybe it's been posted here before.  Hope none of these guys are RAers.


    MTA:  Hey, since when can you just paste a linky in and have it become a linky?  New feature?

    Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject.

    No Talent Drips

      I just went through you tube hell...there is nothing good that comes of watching the suggested videos that follow. Feck.



        Goals for 2013: sub 18 5K; stay healthy

        I'm Betty if you're Al

          HA!  I just cried laughing in my cubicle. 

          Jeff you are totally the third runner, at least when any photo op's arise.

          2012 Goals: 5K-Sub 20:00, 10K-Sub 43:00,  1/2 1:35,

          Boston- BQ again by a time known only to my feetskies.  

           "I would rather have high expectations and fail then have low expectations and succeed." DB

            So funny, so true. I course marshalled a marathon last month and saw all kinds of runners. The bleeding nipple guy, lady with the anal leakage, and many more awkward running forms. A fairly entertaining morning!