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    I have done a search here on the forum but can't seem to find an answer to my question.


    I want to delete some of the preset activity types from my log. I don't mind the swimming etc, but I want all my running categories to be ones that I choose. I can't seem to delete ones like "fartlek" and "interval" etc.


    I know I could just rename them to whatever I use, but the problem is that I have already created my own categories on top of these, and I don't want to go through workout by workout and change them to an un-deletable type and then rename. It would take forever!

    The categories I want to delete are empty btw.


    Anything obvious I am missing? 

      I believe the inability to delete the activity type means you have at least one workout logged in each.  Make a report based on those Activity types, then edit them to assign them whatever new type you want.  Once no workouts are logged as, for example, Fartlek, you should be able to delete that activity type.

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        The default set of activity types can not be deleted.  RA will recreate them if you do.

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          Thanks for the replies.

          I think it's a shame I can't delete them! Like I said I don't mind the other activities like Swimming etc, but I only want my own running session types under Run Sad