Plan to hit 2:35 in 2013. Any ideas? (Read 650 times)

The Monkey Games

    Yeah... going from a 6:27 pace to 5:55 pace in a year - that would be difficult, I would think!  I have spent a few years unsuccessfully trying to get from 2:51 to 2:50!


    I hear the Hansons have a new program. Maybe that would help?


      I hear the Hansons have a new program. Maybe that would help?


      I haven't heard much about that. Has anyone tried doing Hansons for their full Marys?

      Runners run.


      Jess runs for bacon

        I needed a chuckle this morning, thanks Smile




        Letting off steam

          You just have to choose the right race... and then choose the parts you'll be on course.



          Nearly back to 100% 6 months after Achilles surgery. Now at 35 50 mpw.

          Base building time!



            Half or full marathon?

              Jeff, love your blog, by the way. I've found a few good points in it to take with me, even though  I haven't read all of it yet.


              Hey, thanks!


                For those who haven't read. Great New Yorker article on the good dentist.


                Wow. Great read. I remember reading an article on cheating in "marathon & beyond". Don't recall if this cheater was mentioned.


                But as soon as the author mentioned that this dentist was involved with Amway, it didn't surprise me. (Yes, I have something against MLMs).

                  If  I was fitter and younger I could improve that much. I would use my shoe as a baton and run a relay with 4  friends.EmbarrassedBig grin

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