Bulk edit of workouts (Read 1191 times)

    Is there or is there a feature planned that will allow you to edit many workouts at once? I'd like to be able to change the equipment for a string of workouts without having to go in each one.

      +1 for this request !

        Definitely agree with this request!

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          Another +1.  E.g., maybe I change what my run type meaning is, to combine two types or split one type based on distance.  I think with a filtered query (e.g., for me all 'Recovery' runs that are longer than 5 miles), it'd be nice if an edit could apply to all which were found meeting that criteria.

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            I'll try to add it for the next log upgrade.

              Bumping this request. Editing some workouts today and would be useful.



                I just switched from another site and bulk edit would be very handy (even with the import tool, which was great btw).


                  Yes, definitely. I was just looking to see if I could bulk add the running shoes I've been using since July to all workouts since. Hardly urgent but a nice to have. 

                    I would be happy to just designate my currently default shoe and have that entered when I do my garmin upload.


                    It seems like this would be similar to having a default weight.


                    Eric, thanks for keeping RA running.

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                      How about this?


                      "Download training data to your computer" from Training Log > Tools.


                      This gets all of your data on a tab delimited txt file that excel and other spreadsheet tools can read. This worked great when I just wanted to see the default runs where I did not make an "equipment" (shoe) entry. I then went in and edited each run as needed one at a time.


                      I DON'T KNOW if one could use this procedure to make bulk edits and then upload the entire tab delimited spreadsheet back into my RA login without a double entry. If I was really ambitious, I could create a new user name, and test this out.


                      Surely a tool like this could be used for bulk edits in some way.

                      I run to clear my head and talk to my friends.




                        Just began using RA, uploaded ~100 activities from another service.  Now, I'd like to add my shoes to all of them.