added public/private map (Read 1654 times)

    Hi guys, I just added public/private map support. On the map toolbar, there is now a new check box to control the map's access. To prevent other users from viewing your map, just check this check box. If you don't feel like sharing any of your new maps, there's a new option in your log preferences that you can enable to default all new maps to be private. Here are some things you should know. If you search for maps, your private maps will always be listed, but will not be listed for other users. Right now, all maps are public, because I want everyone to share their maps. If you don't want others to see your maps, just edit each one and check the private check box. Make sure you save the change. I also added an URL field, right above the notes field. This URL applies to all workouts and events. I also added a running total for the intervals data. Let me know if you run into any problems with the latest changes. Once again, I like to thank Trent for his help and feedbacks. eric Smile