PLEASE! : Post Your Top 10 Songs On Your Running Playlist! All Genres Welcome! (Read 3500 times)

    Never mind, it seems the thread derailed. Wink


    Re-rail it. Please.


    don't mention 'rails' when Red Bird's around.

    My wife says i have a short attention spanners are great, aren't they?



      don't mention 'rails' when Red Bird's around.


      gah, damn it.


        Some more to consider

        Blur - Song 2

        Linkin Park - Blackout

        AK4711 - Rock

        Chumbawumba - Tub Thumping

        The Prototypes - Kaleidoscope

        Fatboy Slim - The Rockafeller

        Metric - Gold Guns Girls

        Adiam Dymott -- Miss You
        Afrobots -- Favela Rock

        The Answering Machine - It's Over, It's Over

        Auletta -- Meine Stadt

        Boman Estereo - Fuego

        Buraka Som Sistema feat. Pongolove -- Kalemba (Wegue - Wegue)

        Children Collide - Skeleton Dance

        Crookers feat. The Very Best, Two Fingers, and Marina Gasolina -- Birthday Bash

        Cut off Your Hands - Happy as Can Be

        Datarock - Give it Up

        The Enemy - Be Somebody

        Major Lazer feat. Mr. Lexx and Santigold -- Hold the Line

        Pint Shot Riot - Not Thinking Straight

        The Temper Trap - Science of Fear

        Tommy Sparks - She Got Me Dancing

        Age 52

        2016 Targets - 100 - 13.2s, 400 - 62s, 800 - 2:30, Mile - 5:40


          I need to go through this list.  I haven't bought new music in a LONG time.  New favorites since March:


          Pompeii - Bastille

          Come With Me Now - KONGOS

          Girls Chase Boys - Ingrid Michaelson


          And, I finally succumbed...


          I Knew You Were Trouble - Taylor Swift

          Run the mile you are in.