I ran a half marathon! (Read 183 times)

    they were handing out snickers?  & fun-sized too, of course you want to do it again!   congrats on the accomplishment & the weight loss!




    At one point, I was handed a fun-size Snickers at an aid station.  I was running along at a good (for me) pace, eating chocolate, thinking, "This is neat."



      thats exactly right.   immediately after finishing a HM last year I went into training mode to come back this year.   bettered time by over 8 1/2 minutes & placed in AG




      .    Now, if a race result is not what I want.. it pisses me off and I want revenge!

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        Congratulations! Awesome accomplishment!



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          Will run for chocolate, baby!  Love it.  Glad you had a good race.

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