I have mono, now what? (Read 118 times)

Aidan Livingston

    As the title indicates, I've had mono for the past couple months (diagnosed 2 weeks ago) and have stopped running since I found out; what steps should I take to get back?

    an amazing likeness

      (1)  Get healthy. 100% healthy.

      (2) Start aerobic base building via walk, jog, elliptical, etc.

      (3) Don't expect to be where you are today when you first start back.

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        I had mono pretty bad in high school (over 20 years ago).  I got it right after Thanksgiving and it took me until at least February to feel 100%.  Make sure to take everything really slow once you get back to running.  I started training for baseball early January and I remember it being really tough to run and weight lift..