There's now chewing gum on my singlets (Read 655 times)

    I must have washed and dried a pack of gum with a load of laundry....there's now gum sticking to a couple of my singlets, and inside my dryer's walls, as well.

    I can take care of the gum in the dryer, but how do I remove "dried-on" gum from dri-fit fabrics?



     I like running alone.

      First thing I'd try is putting the singlets in the freezer and see if the gum will peel off.

        First thing I'd try is putting the singlets in the freezer and see if the gum will peel off.

        I was just gonna say that and you beat me to it! ;o)  However, I kinda vaguely remember that it had happened to me (not a running singlet I don't think...) and, while other occasions, it worked nicely, with fabric, it didn't work too well if I remember it correctly...


        A couple of more things you may want to try though I never really gotten to do it myself so don't hold me accountable.  One is to cook it in boiling water.  I don't know how tolerance Dri-Fit fabric is to heat...  But by washing and drying (in the dryer) pretty much most likely "melt" it and the gum literally got stuck to the fabric, maybe "heat" would again even melt it further???  


        Another thing--again, I never done this--is, may sound weird but, dip it in Coca Cola.  At one time (incidentally, that was at the press conference of Chicago Marathon years ago...) I was chewing gum and I took a sip of some sort of pop--I usually drink Diet Coke, knowing that it's not really good for you...  At any rate, the gum literally melted!  I figured it sort of reacted to sugar or something in the pop???  I never checked it, I never did it again (drink pop while chewing gum) or did anything to confirm it but always rememberd that as a rather interesting incidence. 


        Or maybe even smarter thing is to call the gum company and ask if they have any good idea--usually smarter and more effective that way I'm sure. ;o)