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    Thinking about getting quick tie laces (bungee type) that do not need to be tied.  Has anyone had any luck with these?  I'm afraid that they may become loose or become a problem when racing.


      Two thumbs up from me.  I started using the iBungee and LaceLocks brands a few months ago and never turned back.  After adjusting the laces during the first couple of wears, I never had to fiddle with them again. 


      I tried both brands my local running store had and I prefer the iBungee.  The LaceLocks were too long and I end up with a excess laces that I had to tuck away.  I suppose I could have just cut the excess, but...  The gripper part of one of the pairs of LaceLocks also stopped gripping so I had to knot it which kinda defeats the purpose.  So, now I just use the iBungees since they come in shorter lengths (maybe LaceLocks do, too, and my local running store just didn't have them).  Officially swithched all my shoes over just this week.  The different colors also help me distinguish between the different pairs of the same shoe in my log - "black laces", "white laces", "pink laces".

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        Thank you.

          I have reflective Yankz in a couple pairs, reflective iBungees in another pair, and non-reflective Lock Easy Laces in my kid's running shoes.  I HATE the Yankz laces -- narrow-gauge causes lace bite, and they're hard to adjust in the eyelets.  The Lock Easy Laces are better, but the spring-loaded clip already has loosened and lets the laces slip through it.  The iBungees are the best by far: secure, adjustable, larger-diameter and comfy.


          Edited: I got Lock Laces mixed up with Easy Laces.

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            I changed over to the bungee type laces about 9 months ago and really like them. I have always been very lazy at undoing my laces so this was a great find for me. I have tried Yankz and Lock Laces and I find the Yankz much harder to get "right" but they've been ok once I got them sorted. I prefer the Lock Laces though, so much easier to adjust if you need to.  

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              I picked up a pair of "easy laces" today from my local running store.  That was all they carried.


              Got em laced up and can't wait to try them tomorrow.  The feel pretty good though!

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                I've used the iBungee laces for years now. Very secure and comfortable.  I used to have a never ending battle with shoe laces being too tight, too loose, or coming untied while running. None of those problems have ever occurred with the iBungee laces. The other great thing is since they come in colors, if you rotate shoes of the same model, you can differentiate them (in your log and in your closet) with different color laces which is very handy.


                Plus, if you get a rock in your shoe, since the laces have some stretch to them, it's quite easy to slip the shoe off and on again to solve that problem.

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                  Sounds awesome. 

                  It actually makes a lot of sense.

                  I will get myself a pair right now 


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                    Thank you all for your expert opinions and thoughts.  I picked up lock laces and have ran about 15 miles in them and they feel great.