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    I have a feeling this is my issue only, but is anyone else getting a "Topic Torch" ribbon on the bottom of their RA screens? 


    MTA: Just realized I should have titled this differently.



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      your ass won an award? HAHA!!


      topic torch is a search engine, right? maybe you have it installed as a browser helper object (BHO)?

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        That sounds right, I guess, though my limited knowledge of this stuff is about to get apparent.  First, I don't know what a browser helper object is, and more importantly, I don't know how to get rid of it. 


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            LT - it's software on your PC, not an RA thing.  You should be able to remove it via control panel -> programs -> uninstall a program.  Look for 'Topic Torch' and 'Yontoo Layers' and nuke them.

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              I got it everyone, thanks.  I unchecked a box that alowed the third party helper objects and rebooted. 


              And Finn, you're a hoot. 


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                 'Yontoo Layers'


                Also got rid of this - thanks MT.