Earbud Recommendations???? (Read 608 times)


    I have the Inspire Pro and love them, great sound and IPhone Control.


      I have the Inspire Pro and love them, great sound and IPhone Control.


      Thanks!  I think we posted at the same time, so I missed your original comment.

      I can and I will!


        I really appreciate everyone's advise.
        I ordered some Yurbud Duro's tonight.
        I will let you know how I like them.



          The Inspire Pro Yurbuds allow you to control music, Siri etc from a button on the earbuds.  Most other headphones will not have this.


          Good to know. These extra enhancements are nice, but I'm probably going stick with a standard model. 



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            I ran with my new YurBud Duros for the first time today, and really fell in love with them.
            I am not a audiophile, but to me the sound was wonderful.

            They stayed in my ear well, and I could hear the ambient noise around me.

            What more could one expect from ear buds during a run.
            Five thumbs up from my view point.



              I have these.  They are cheap, have survived dozens of rain storms, and they stay in my ears fantastically.  They come with a huge variety of ear pieces, one of which actually fits my ear canal properly, which is something I have had trouble with with every other set of earbuds, ever.


              They easily beat out pairs I've tried at 3-4X the price.


              It looks like I am bumping this after 2 yrs of sleeping but I am looking to buy earbuds and my experience with your earbuds

              MEE audio Sport-Fi M6 Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphones

              has been terrible. I just finished a 3rd pair in 9 months, all losing sound on the right side. At least MEE has honored their warranty.


              I hope someone can give me a good recommendation. I like listening to podcasts while running.

              I run to clear my head and talk to my friends.

                I've found the Ink"d headphones without the mic (if you can find them) are the best low dollar headphones I can find that sound good and stay in my ear. I pay about $12-$15 per pair and they last about 400-600 miles before they start going out on one side.

                  I bought the Inspire Yurbuds wireless ( $76 ) and they constantly cut in and out with the sound.

                  The Mpow Cheetah Sports Bluetooth fit better, sound better, and don't cut out. And they are only about $36.

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