Set a new monthly PR after almost 34 years... (Read 97 times)

    Glad to find this forum; I've looked off and on for a couple of years now and somehow missed this one.


    Back in September of 1979, when I was training for my first (and so far only) marathon, I set a PR of 172 miles, a PR which stood until last month.  Big grin


    In an effort to quell my ever expanding waistline I decided to really start working the distance, and managed 218 miles in spite of all of the heat we've had here in New England during the month.  Good news, since April I've lost 40+ pounds and over 4 belt-notches (I say "over" because the belt was on its largest of 5 notches then and rather tight, now it's on the smallest notch and is rather loose).


    All of the above has become possible due to a job change which cut my working and commuting hours by a combined twenty to thirty per week.  I'm now for the first time since my kids were little toying with the idea of starting to race again; no marathons mind you, just half marathons and down.  Geez, maybe if I can get my fat old body down into the 170s (I'm 5'8" and still a hair over 200 pounds) I might even be competitive in the "old fart" age groups.  Smile


    I'll keep y'all posted.

      Congratulations on the running and the weight loss.

        Many thanks.  Smile

          Nice work!

          - Joe

          all running goals are under review by the executive committee.

            Congrats Shipo, on your new-found running time!  You're bound to feel better and better as you rebuild.  And, as an older fart than you, welcome to the club!  Nice to be here where the competition is lighter. Smile

            Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject.

              Thanks gang, I think I'll start off this new month with a 10-miler; who knows, I might even be able to sneak in 250 miles this month.  Smile