Phantom Pains during Taper (Read 58 times)


    I'm running my first marathon on Sunday and I'm getting the oddest pains all over my body.  Is this a common occurrence?

    5K: 18:43 (12/13) 10K: 42:50 (12/12) HM: 1:30:10 (3/14) M: 3:34:46 (5/14)


      Some of it is the body healing

      Some of it is being bat shit crazy

      Good luck with your race

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      Action without vision is a nightmare. 

        I was convinced I was getting sick for about a week before my marathon. It didn't help that some family members exposed us to a stomach bug. I made myself crazy, thinking stuff like...."I'm achy--bet I'm getting sick. Is my stomach a little queasy? I must be sick. If I start puking now, will I have time to recover?"


        I woke up feeling great on race day. Smile

          Check out this link, posted two days ago in another thread.

          Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject.

            Check out this link, posted two days ago in another thread.


            Funny stuff! And spot on.


            And next time, I won't be persuaded to take a camping trip a week before a big race. Especially a trip where another family rides with us, because their 3 year old might start puking exactly halfway to our destination. And to make sure I know it's a legit sickness and not car sickness, her dad will puke all night the next night.


            Next time, I will quietly hole up at home with my Lysol.