Running After Meniscus Surgery (Read 47 times)

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    I've done five marathons and several halfs over the last 10 years. Early last fall, I had surgery for a torn meniscus in my left knee.  While the orthopod (a Seahawks team doc) didn';t seem to concerned about future running, my GP has been warning me about my increased risk of arthritis from running post partial meniscus removal.  I really want to do a few more marathons; does anyone have any experience or advice to share??


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      I believe the arthritis warning is fairly standard and results from the arthroscopic knee surgery procedure.  We've had a few good discussions here on RA around meniscus surgery recovery, here's some links:


      Here's one

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      Might be good reads for you, and worth resurrecting one of those threads with follow-on questions / information...

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        Thanks; these threads are very helpful!

          I've now run a handful of marathons post-meniscus (and ACL) surgery, including my 4 all-time fastest ones.

          If you're like me, you'll ignore your GP and run because you love it.  If it costs me arthritis later in life, that's a price I'm willing to pay, but I'm also honestly not aware of any actual *science* that says that running after knee surgery increases arthritis risk any more than sitting on the couch and getting fat.

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            I'm at 6 months today and back up to my pre-surgery mileage . Everyone told me not to run anymore , I already have bad arthritis so I decided to keep running . I have a 50k in June , 50m in July and 100 in October . Do what feels right for you