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    I lost my beautiful mother last Friday. She died of a cardiac arrest in hospital even as I held her hand. She was my hero and my inspiration - I drew on her courage and positive attitude towards life which helped me finish my tougher races.

    I dedicated my first Marathon in 2007 to her ( she was recovering from an illness at that time) and finished in a decent time.

    Just last month I completed the Delhi Half marathon in 1:41 despite busting my foot half halfway through the race. I thought of how hard she was fighting a bad heart and that kept me going.

    RIP Mom.


      So sorry for your loss, Narsi

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        I am so sorry. 

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          May her soul rest in peace.

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            Sorry for your loss Narsi. 

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              My condolences to you and your family during this difficult time. 


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                I'm sorry, and I hope you can cherish all the good memories of her in this difficult time.

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                  So sorry to hear this.  My sympathy.

                  So bittersweet,
                  This tragedy
                  Won't ask for absolution;
                  This melody,
                  Inside of me,
                  Still searches for solution.
                  A twist of faith,
                  A change of heart
                  Cures my infatuation.
                  A broken heart, 
                  Provides the spark
                  For my determination.


                    Sorry for you pain and sadness, Narsi.

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                      {{{Narsi}}}  May her love always surround you.     My mom passed away this year also. 


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                        oh no I'm so so sorry Sad

                          May your mother's courage and positive attitude towards life continue to help you during a very difficult time.  It's a most wonderful gift she has given you, one that will always be with you.

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                            May your mother's courage and positive attitude towards life continue to help you during a very difficult time.  It's a most wonderful gift she has given you, one that will always be with you.


                            +1 I can't say it better

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                              My condolences, Narsi. 

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                                So sorry for your loss Narsi.


                                She will always be with you in memory. And she has done the greatest thing a mother can do - raised a loving son and was a role model for him and shaped his thinking and life in a positive way. Your mother sounds like an amazing woman!

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