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    I've been sorta busy today. I ran 10 miles this A.M with a friend of mine and we came back to my place for some coffee, her idea. I typically don't drink coffee after running, i'm too sweaty and hot. I didn't think anything of it at first, her coming in and all, she's been to my place half a dozen times now. Anyway, one thing leads to another and we get it on, and she goes off to work. I 'm stoked for some early morning action, no girl friend so i'm good.  Late lunch with some friends that brought a girl with them that i've known for some time, and didn't realize she was coming along too, was PSYCHED, i actually like this chick.. We get to talkin' and head back to my place to hang by the pool, and drink some beers, we get it on too. Now, i have another friend of mine coming over in half an hour, to watch a flick and drink some wine, AND get it on too. This has gotta be one of, if not THE best day of my life, getting to bang three different girls in one day, with absolutely no planning involved.


      While I'm not lucky enough to get to bang manfromnantucket today, I did realize that I've exceeded my previous monthly record (set last month) of 120 miles by 36 miles, and I have 20 more planned for tomorrow.  August has been my big push for my first marathon, the first weekend of October.  I feel a lot better about how tired my legs feel now.

      Evolving body parts


        I'm sure he offers rain checks.



          I'm sure he offers rain checks.


          **fingers crossed!** 

            Got the lowest cholesterol number in at least the last 10 years! (I have no records before then)


            Year: Total/HDL/LDL/Trig.

            14: 157/65/81/54

            13: 197/94/81/110

            12: 193/70/72/254

            11: 197/56/111/153

            10: 214/75/115/118 <<< This prompted me to start running!

              Hit 5,000 miles since I started working on losing weight and getting in shape back in 2011.


              2011 - 262.3 miles - 10:15 avg pace

              2012 - 1,357.3 miles - 10:22 avg pace

              2013 - 2,016.6 miles - 9:24 avg pace

              2014 - 1,365.4 miles - 9:14 avg pace


              Total = 5,001.5 miles - 9:40 avg pace

              Age: 46 Weight: 205 Height: 6'2" (Goal weight 195)

              Current PR's:  Mara 3:48:09; HM 1:43:26; 10K 43:59; 5K 21:27