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April 27th - Weekly Check-In (Read 203 times)

    Hello, all. I had a wonderful vacation which included running. Big grin I'm running behind this week trying to catch everything up. So I'll check in later and update on my mileage. Last week it was around 20 and this week around 12. My foot is doing better. Yeah! I'll take some time tonight and catch up on you'all. How's it going? Any races? Our injuried any better. Missed everyone! Well running to work "see" ya later. Gayle

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      Another positive week 3-3-6-3-6-0-9 = 30 ! Been sticking with the running plan from Team Oregon. Last week was a tough week, work and home wise and it was difficult to get my runs in. Had to run in unfamiliar neigborhoods, or not at my usual afternoon running time. I am still injury free and healthy so all is well. How did everyone else do? What do you do when life changes your plans?

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        I went on vacation too (not really, but forgot to post while you were gone!) Last week happened like this: M - 4.25 mi W - 3 mi tempo Th - 5 mi S - 4 mi Skipped Sunday's run 'cause it was rainy and cold and night time and BLAH -- I just wasn't interested in being cold and wet at 9 pm at night! I usually like running in the rain -- but I think the turning colder thing just turned me off. Blush Gayle, glad your vacation included running!!!

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          Hey all-- I ended up running on Sunday i/o Saturday, which skews my mileage downwards, but next week will look super impressive! Wink Tues: 2.63 Thurs: 2.75 Total: 5.38 Make the heat go away, please!

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            Hmph. I only managed 2 runs - Thursday & Saturday -- both short. Thursday was short cause I was out of shape, tired, and didn't feel like being out there. Saturday was short due to time contraints & new shoes that were rubbing a weird way. And only twice, due to stupid baseball season and kids who won't behave and husbands who are gone a couple evenings a week. Angry Sunday I was a little hungover from Saturday night out with the girls and didn't feel like running so I can't totally blame it on my family. Blush With any luck, I'll head out tonight. I'm looking at treadmills this week, so the whole "husband gone" excuse won't be valid anymore!!


              My week was 30.4 miles. My 5k race time Saturday was 30:56. Not a PR, but I didn't change my HM training for the week, so I wasn't too surprised. I also did a Y class Friday that included lots of lunges, and I was sore! I took yesterday and today off, so I have to hit it hard again starting tomorrow. Good luck getting more miles in this week, Michelle! I know how hard it is with kids. Mine are getting old enough that it's easier for me now. Teresa
                Nice, everyone. I missed seeing how you gal/guys were doing! I loved running in Phoenix....dry heat...did I say heat? It was wonderful to be able to run in shorts and a tank top. Get back here and I'm running in shorts with long sleeves or short sleeves and chilly. Tonight there is a frost warning out. My foot is doing better. Think I finally have found the right shoes. Thank goodness! Sill a bit sore, but not burning and not swollen. Cool Diverdoc and Teresa, nice weeks! You guys are burning up the road...... Wink What do you do when life changes your plans? You just have to change with it. I ended up taking 5 months off with my injuried ankle...the negative was I didn't run and spent time depressed...the positive....I have a new appreciation for running when I can get out. I'm doing more then I use to and the best I can. So change, try your best and let us know how you are doing..... Smile Teresa, Nice time with being sore and not letting up on your training. You are going to rock that 1/2! nonoruns, I KNOW how you feel. That's why I didn't do my long run yesterday. Let's see rain, cold (not awesome cold).....was very LAZY and took a nap instead. Bad me! LOVED running on my vacation! I've never done that before it was GREAT! My girlfriends and I decided eveeryone was say one thing that was most important for each of us to do during our Girls' Weekend. And my was them letting me have time running. They are so SUPER and we (three out of the four of us) ran every day but one. It was/is awesome to have friends who understand! obiebyke, you make me ALMOST feel bad about loving the "heat" so much. I KNOW it's going to go from cold to HOT really fast but still....I LOVE the warmth! Blush And yeah to your awesome week this coming week! Big grin Michelle, I thought of you during my vacation! We did some hiking around Phoenix. So diffrent from Arkansas and so different then where you are from. But it was now NICE and GREAT to be hiking again anywhere! Hope things even out for you and you have the time and shoes to run.... Big grin Cherrie...your mileage is picking up so you must be feeling better? Anne, you passed me....I'm trying to catch up.....Guess I should have ran in the rain yesterday.... Smile Where is everyone else? pjm9277? Anya? Daisy99? McRat? Ruth? Denise? Hopefully you are out there running? Evil grin See ya later! Gayle

                "Nothing's better than the wind to your back, the sun in front of you, and your friends beside you." Aaron Douglas Trimble

                  Gayle, sounds like you had a great time! I've never been hiking in Arizona but I bet it's gorgeous. See anything deadly? Tongue Scorpians, snakes, etc.? That would freak me out if I were hiking there. I know they're not laying on the trail all over the place, but still. With my luck I'd step on a rattlesnake before I saw it, cause I'd be so busy looking at the scenery around me. Roll eyes My new shoes are awesome - I've tried them now a couple different ways (with orthotics, and without) and they're comfortable either way. Tomorrow I'll try them with the insoles I got, and see if it's any better/worse. They're great shoes (Brooks Addiction 8). I managed a couple miles last night but had to go at 7:30pm, a lot later than I usually go. I was really dragging, looking for every excuse not to go, but I made it out there and had a good run. I only had time for 2 miles, because my son wanted me back in time to sing him a lullaby before he went to sleep (yeah... he's 5 1/2 and still wants a lullaby!) so I had to hustle home. I didn't mind one bit. Smile


                    Good job, Michelle! Cherish the days your son still wants a lullaby - pretty soon you'll be begging for a hug! For awhile, my middle child (13) wouldn't let me near him. Now that he's 5'-5" and weighs more than I do, he'll come running over to me with his arms outstretched, saying, "Hug! Hug!" I think he's figured out that I'll give him anything he wants when he does that! Big grin
                      My friend's 13 year old son still sits on her lap & tells her about his day. Shocked He's a sweetheart. Who knows what he's like at school but at home, he's an absolute darling, and he & his mother are very close. I've watched how she parents closely over the past few years, so I can have a better shot at that great relationship with my own son -- it's priceless!



                        It was an eventful week. Longest distance week (22 miles) and furthest distance (10 mile), and even got in a couple of hikes on mushy snow in the White Mountains. I've hit the limit of 100 minutes on my treadmill and am getting ready to take some of the runs outside. I'm also considering a local 6K for a first race this weekend... so things are getting pretty interesting. I'm happy I've got a good lead on Fluffy McBunny. Life is good.
                          I actually got my longest run in yet this past week. 5.75 miles. My highest mileage week ever too, 17 miles, woo hoo! I'm back in front of the bunny after getting behind during March because of vacation. I'm going for at least 17 miles again this week, although it will be more difficult because I won't be able to run on the weekend. Taking my daughter camping...and praying for no rain!
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                            Well, I got a lot of miles in - 24.6 - but I stumbled and fell at the end of my run on Saturday. I'm battered, bruised and skinned but otherwise not too bad. I have my first 10k on Sunday which will probably be more like a regular run. Wish me luck! Ruth

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                              Well, I got a lot of miles in - 24.6 - but I stumbled and fell at the end of my run on Saturday. I'm battered, bruised and skinned but otherwise not too bad. I have my first 10k on Sunday which will probably be more like a regular run. Wish me luck! Ruth
                              Good luck, Ruth! Hope you heal by Sunday!!! Enjoy your race !!!!!!!

                              - Anya

                                Ouch, Ruth! How are you feeling today??