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       Why do people who are obviously on track to run over 2000 miles join a 1000 mile pace club ?  I don't feel compelled to crush the 500 mile group ( If there were one ) . Strange , especially when they join right before they hit a thousand miles .

       Maybe if they just stop running for the year then ok , but I doubt that's happening.  If I'm on track for 1500 I'll move up ,not back .

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        Agree there..I had a goal of 1000 miles to start the year.. but then I signed up for a few full marathons and training was way more than the 19-20 mpw that I planned on running.

          I'm in the 1000km and 800 mile as well. Those are stepping stones for me to hit and have some success on the way to 1000 miles. Maybe it is similar for the 2000 mile + runners. It doesn't bother me to see the higher mileage people in those groups. We're all here to run.

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          Three half marathons later, I got a number. Half Fanatic #9292. :)

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            I agree  with you, CanadianMeg. I think it's very important  to define some intermediate goal.




            Andy G.

              And I agree too Smile


              I use these user groups for motivation and exchange of advice, and I only compete with two participants: The Bunny and myself Smile


              I have been a member of the 1000K group for three years and I beat the bunny last year for the first time. I will remain a member of the group eventhough I hope to beat the bunny in this group in 2014. If something goes wrong during the coming year (injuries or private stuff interfering with running) I may have to compete with the 1000K bunny instead of this one.

                I have successfully been in the 2000mi group for the last 7 years or so and joined the 1000mi group only this year. My thought was to reduce mileage and concentrate on speed instead of ultras.  if/when I reach close to 1000, assuming prior to July, was planning to drop this group and rejoin the 2k?  Thanks, D

                  Ok, as of today and with trying to cut back i am on track for 2200 miles........ Have been #1 on the 1000 mile list for a week or 2 and there is no running list I should be #1 on Smile


                  Am dropping from this group.  Good luck to everyone!



                    Thanks and good luck to you, too Smile

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                      It depends what's going on...I was way ahead of the bunny through January because I was getting in as many miles as I could because there are some things coming up this year that I know will hold me back later (like a pregnancy). Im just getting over the flu and am behind now because of it, but am sure glad I had those extra miles at the start!  I'll get back ahead of the bunny as much as I can in anticipation of having to slow it down later and possibly having to take some time off in November.  You just never know what people have planned.

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                        Wish I had gotten ahead...am playing serious catchup now. 108 miles behind...got to turn it up!

                          You can do it, Steph! The weather is getting better hopefully and easier to get out there.

                          "Don't feel like running today...suck it up and run ...you're an athlete." (John Stanton, founder & owner of The Running Room)


                          Three half marathons later, I got a number. Half Fanatic #9292. :)

                            Hitting 1000 is my first goal - hitting it without injury.


                            Getting close to 2000 is my second goal.


                            Now wondering why I'm no longer on the list.   Does your name get taken off if you hit 1000?

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                              I'm right with you, Steph.  But my distance is picking up a lot, I'm now around 30 miles per week and will be 40 by October.