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I'm back! (Read 239 times)

    Ok, i really slacked off and did next to no running through July and August. I have no excuse, no injuries or anything, maybe a lack of motivation, who knows. Tight lipped The point is now I am back on track and it feels great!! Big grin Just thought i would share that with you all.

    Needs more cowbell!

      Yay, one of my fellow Michiganders is back on the running wagon! Just in time for glorious Fall weather, too! Smile k

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      '15 Goals:

      • Do some dus...and some CX...and some tandem gravel...and some podiums...

      • PRs

      • 130#s (or less)


      Has been

        one of my fellow Michiganders
        So that's what you call yourselves! I always wondered. While were on the subject, anyone know what the hell someone from Saskatchewan would be called? Hmm....? Wink

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