1000 Mile Club


I'm over the line. (Read 315 times)


    Finished today thanks to long run yesterday and normal run tonight. Thanks to all of you for giving me someone to chase and good luck to you guys still aiming to beat the bunny. See you next year for some more of the same. Take care Nev
      Congratulations, Nev! I should join you in 2 or 3 days.

        Thanks Teresa -- you would have beat me if it were not for our holiday ! Its ok I noticed your post on the UK forum - I am not a stalker Smile Enjoy your run in to the finish Nev
          Yes, our trip slowed me down a bit, but it was worth it! Next time, I want to spend longer in England, though. It's another of my parents' favorite places to visit. In 1995, they stayed at a B&B there and brought home a Burmese temple cat! She ended up sitting in the plane's cockpit on the way home, because the pilot saw her and took pity on her. She's still going strong, almost 14 years later.