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Slo Mo Man

    Having a bad week! Niggley injury to calf! Eating too much! Tired! Dont feel like running tonight!
    "The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare." Goals: Keep on running!
      I was asleep so couldn't nag you out the door. Did you run? I hope you did. Or at least did something that didn't hurt your calf!
      Slo Mo Man

        Yep! Dragged myself out. Was a lovely evening. Took it easy. Maybe should have went easier but calf ok. Think I need a race or something fairly soon. My first race of year was not supposed to be until june 21st but i'll have to find something. Thanks for reply,sometimes we just need a wee bit of encouragement. Smile
        "The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare." Goals: Keep on running!


          Yup...we all need a wee bit of encouragement every now and then. Sometimes just a short 2 miler is all I need to jumpstart a bad week. Sometimes I just need to call my running bud and see if she wants to head out and she ALWAYS says yes! Good job getting out.
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            I have had problems in getting motivated too, and I honestly am not someone who loves running. i do enjoy the feeling of satisfaction after a run, and the idea that I am doing something many people cannot, but the actual physical experience usually feels more like work than fun, though satisfying when a good run is finished. I am tapering this week so no serious running, went out last night for 6kms, or 3.7 miles without my Garmin, just planning to vary my pace a bit as I have been getting "stuck" in a one pace groove recently. I started slow, did a few bursts of speed here and there, walked a few yards twice, and finished by gradually accelerating over the last mile. I had fun, came back with a smile. Simon.

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