1500 Miles of Summer


May Goals .... Let's Get This Party Started! (Read 675 times)

just a simple cat

    180 miles






    a Half marathon PR  <gulp>



    201 miles   Cool


    but no Half Marathon PR......yet


    I  guess as you get more bodacious, you begin to lose more brain cells, because there is a limit to how much magnificence your body can house

    I fly.

      Well, we are almost 1/2 through May, I guess I'd better set some goals.  I want to run a lot.  I'm sick of injuries.  May 22 starts my marathon training, so I'm hoping to catch up in mileage and come June blow the miles out of the water...


      As of now I have 200 miles for May... not too shabby.  I'm probably going to run 2-3 tonight. 


      Bring on June!

      Bring it on.

        1.  I'm going to say 190 again...and we'll see what happens

        2.  Half Marathon PR


        1. Well, not quite, 180...but, close enough for me

        2. Yay!