1500 Miles of Hoppy Spring


Congratulations !!!!! (Read 191 times)

    As folks go to the top , as Mikeco and Andahuff and myself did today , a little spot for some hootin' and howlerin!! WTG !!! 1500 wee- ha !!!!! Tongue




    Needs more cowbell!

      Suckazzzz.... Wink Nice job, peeps. For the next few weeks I will be losing some of the cushion between myself and the blasted rabbit....*grumbles* taper, race week, reverse taper...sheesh.... Undecided

      I shoot pretty things! ~

      '14 Goals:

      • 2 olympic distance duathlons -- 6 days apart -- PR at least 1

      • 130#s (and stay there, gotdammit!)

      Queen of 3rd Place

        Congrats All! - and you're on the way to 2000! Yow! Arla PS Zoomie - one more week! Hang in there!

        Ex runner

          Congratulations you maniacs!!! Big grin